A Radiant Heart is cultivated with intention and attention; it is won through (not around, under, or over) the fire of real life.  When you find yourself in that crucible of transformation, you turn towards the flame and allow it to burn away what is unnecessary, leaving behind the essence of who you are- authentic, unashamed, confident.  When you embrace all the joy and all the pain in that crucible, you learn the lessons you are on this earth to learn. From those lessons grow wisdom and compassion.

You and I both know you are a gem- multi-faceted, radiant by nature.  Let’s unearth that gem.

Already unearthed?  Let’s polish every facet until you are making the impact on this planet you are here to make.  


Andrea 2

I am A. Andrea de Cleyre, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California (MFT lic # 90001.)  I have been a practicing psychotherapist since 2010. My mission is to facilitate the liberation of as many radiant hearts as I am able.  I do this through psychotherapy, as well as through writing and educational events- what I call my “School of Self Care.”

I write self-care articles that anyone can access, offer mental health and self-care consulting for agencies and corporations, and in-person and online therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families in Humboldt County, CA (in person) and elsewhere in California and internationally (online.)  I also occasionally speak and present workshops.  I can be reached through this contact form.  Here is what people have to say about working with me.  As of December 2018, I am not currently taking any new clients.

Look around my digital home here- my hope is you will find something that lights you up.