The clinical relationship between a marriage and family therapist and her client is paramount; for this reason and the legal and ethical prohibition against dual relationships, I will never ask for testimonials from my psychotherapy clients.

The comments below are from surveys of my related work, both when I was a community college counselor and from my workshops.


College Counseling at College of the Redwoods:

“Andrea was clear and respectful. She made me feel more confident in my education and
progress. She didn’t deter me from the college plan I wanted. Gave me great advice
about advocating for myself as well. She took the time to answer all my questions and
never made me feel rushed. I honestly cannot think of how my experience could have
been better.”

“Andrea took the time to listen to my worries and handicaps and made me feel that my well being and success was important to her. She went beyond what I was expecting and offered me advice on how to pick the university I transfer to after my time at CR. As well as not making me feel my questions were stupid, understanding my insecurities and relating to my situation.”

“Obviously very intelligent and capable individual. Friendly and direct. Professional and
personal. Great addition to the counseling department.”

“Very nice and helpful. Took time to make sure all of my questions were answered.

“Andrea was very helpful and provided all the information I need to move forward.”

“The best counselor I have seen thus far.”

Andrea came across as extremely intelligent to me. She was also personable in our meeting together. The combination of being both intelligent and warm is rare in my experience.”

“My appointment with Andrea was regarding a personal, rather than educational need and was helpful in finding solutions for this need. She was empathetic and understanding in what I am going through. Even though this appointment was scheduled kind of last minute, she was able to provide resources for me even though she had to research solutions and she was prepared for our meeting. I appreciate all of her assistance and feel she was very helpful.”

“Overall a great counselor. Answered all of my questions and showed that she cared.”


Graduate Student Workshops:

“I learned how important self-care is!  Also, new techniques to incorporate in practice.  This was great and so informative / useful.  The workshop was awesome!  Andrea’s experience and how much she values self-care really shows.”

“I learned that we have narratives to justify the payoffs for not using self-care, the concept of choice point, and different methods of self-care.  It was very organized, insightful, practical, and inspiring which motivates me.”

“Great detail and specific ideas to incorporate into everyday practice.  This workshop completely reinforced the importance of self-care and gave me permission to actually do it!”

“Very good information, good reminder to address self-care in order to offer best help to our clients and us, to be healthy.”

“I learned that self-care is manageable and important!  10/10, I loved the chance for audience interaction.”

“This workshop taught me to take a pause from life for self-care.  I learned that what I thought I was doing for self-care wasn’t, it was multi-tasking.”

“I learned that self-care can take only a few minutes every day.  It was a very nice presentation, with lot’s of information.”

“This workshop taught me that self-care can be in so many different forms and not just one thing.  I thought it was great, and wish we had this workshop even earlier.”

“It was an excellent reminder that self-care is very much a priority and crucial to personal and professional development.  Well done.”

“I would recommend this workshop to everyone new to the field.”

“I learned that participating in self-care can ultimately benefit not just me, but the clients I serve.  Also, I learned it is okay to say no!  I really enjoyed it.  Very informative and motivating.”